The Crisis



IMG_5656Young girls are becoming pregnant from pre-marital sex, low self-esteem, toxic relationships, rape, abuse, trafficking, lack of education, or lack of income. In the United States alone, there are 9.8 million single mother homes. 4 out of 10 girls will become pregnant before the age of 20. And 50% will live completely dependant on welfare. Among women who were teen moms, only 1.5% receives a college degree.

More than one-third of girls report that their pregnancy was a result of coerced sex and abuse. Approximately 3 million girls attempt unsafe abortions due to their lack of knowledge on pregnancy, delivery, and motherhood. This potentially leads to substantial health problems or maternal death. Without the help they need, young single moms are especially vulnerable to unhealthy, unstable homes.





Right this moment, somewhere in America a teenage girl just found out that she’s pregnant. She was raised by a single mom, who was raised by a single mom. She grew up in an unsafe environment, constantly surrounded by destructive activity, abuse, and neglect. Her family history says she will fall into the same statistical category of never pursuing an education or occupation. Her and her child may end up living completely dependant on the system. Her child will also have a significant chance of eventually falling into the same detrimental cycle. With suitable mentoring, resources, and encouragement these young single moms are less likely to engage in this cycle, but rather pursue new opportunities and improve their lives.




Doms Africa Pictures 2 112The vast majority of young single moms raise their children with uninvolved, absent, or incarcerated fathers. They have no father figure or support system to lean on. The crisis of young single moms is a generation of fatherlessness. Most teenage moms are forced to provide for their child alone. Young moms lose hope of their dreams without the encouragement and support that they need. Supplying these girls with proper refuge, support systems, practical tools and skill sets, they’re more susceptible to fulfill their role as a woman and mother.

The statistics of many societal issues are influenced by an uncared for young, single mother. Foster care, abuse, neglect, homelessness, unemployment, mental health, imprisonment, abuse, neglect, violence, substance abuse, malnutrition, and poverty. These issues often lead back to a young single mom who never received the encouragement and support she needed.

Ēma has an opportunity to reach urban moms in the midst of a tragedy. As cycles break – generations transform. Every day, our team is serving these neighborhoods – these moms. We are inhabiting in their communities with a very close reach into their everyday lives. We teach, support, mentor, and build lasting relationships. We tactfully equip moms with the tools and resources that will empower them to break free. Every day at Ēma, moms break free.

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