Mission and Vision


We exist to transform the lives of young, single mothers and children in crisis though mentoring relationships, parental education, and career development.

img-missionAcross the world, 16 million girls under the age of eighteen will find out their pregnant this year. In other words, right this second there are millions of young moms facing the fear, hardship, anxiety, and the loneliness of single parenting. These stressors often lead to  a destructive lifestyle that is hard to break.

Ēma is an organization that exists to reach this demographic of young mothers in South Florida. Many of these moms are broken and lost, simply needing the extra support and guidance. Through our evidence-based programs, young mothers at risk are learning healthy parenting and career development with the support of a personal mentor. Ēma’s mission is to focus on a holistic approach, developing more than just good habits, but a lifestyle change.

Ēma means “mother” in the Hebrew language. It is a term that reflects deep meaning since the beginning of time. Historically, a mother represents undivided care, nurture, sacrifice, and love for their families. The term Ēma had such significance and was often heard in a home. The importance of a mother’s role has never changed, but this generation has lost focus of it’s value. Being a mom isn’t an accident, it’s not a part-time job, it’s not an hindrance from chasing your dreams. Being a mother is a higher calling and is apart of you. Ēma is committed to restoring the true meaning and value of motherhood for struggling young moms.


To restore urban motherhood.

9N4A4479We’re dedicated to the solution of transforming the lives of mothers and babies in crisis.

Our vision is to see generational cycles of poverty, abuse, and neglect broken. With proper resources and collaboration in the South Florida community, we believe this dream can become a reality.

As we touch the hearts of young single moms, the destinies of fatherless children are impacted. Our vision is that Ēma Ministries will be a pivotal tool in breaking cycles and restoring urban motherhood.

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