The Foster Care Crisis

Every year in South Florida, 2,400 children are removed from their homes and placed in foster care. The foster care issue is rising and in order to effectively combat the crisis, it is imperative to go upstream with sustainable solutions focusing on root causes. 80-84% of children are being removed from a single mother due to unmet basic needs and poverty-related issues. Single mothers are most susceptible to loosing their children into the foster care system due to present risk factors related to living in poverty. It is true that some children need a loving foster home that can care for them in a way that their bio parent couldn’t, but it is also true that most children just need someone to advocate for their mom and help her get a well-paying job.

Mission + Vision

Ēma exists to reduce the number of children in foster care through prevention and mother advocacy while increasing family wellness and economic mobility. We imagine a world where mothers are given equal opportunity to break generational cycles of poverty and a world that is responsive to her needs.

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