The Crisis

There is a 22-year-old single mother with a 10-month-old son living far below the poverty line in South Florida. She rents a 700 square-foot apartment and she’s two month’s behind on rent. Her landlord refuses to fix the leak in her roof or treat the rat infestation. She’s in and out of jobs until she gets fired for missing too much work because her baby is sick or the babysitter fell through. She’s involved in toxic and abusive relationships in a desperate search for love and affection. Her son is being raised without a father in a neighborhood with drugs, trafficking, and extreme violence. This mother does not have the support or guidance to break free from this tragedy. This is urban motherhood.

In South Florida, each year 2,400 children are removed from their homes and placed in foster care. The foster care crisis is real and we believe that women in poverty without support are a main source. Urban moms are most susceptible to removals because of their risk factors such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of education. The cycle is vicious, and we believe that urban moms lack the support they need in order to break the generational cycle.


Ema South Florida’s vision is simple: To restore urban motherhood and reduce the number of children brought into foster care.


We have an opportunity to reach urban moms in the midst of crisis. As cycles break – generations transform. Every day, our team is serving these mothers and children at-risk. We tactfully equip vulnerable moms with the tools and resources that will empower them to break free from their crises – children in foster care, homelessness, unemployment, and poverty. We inhabit in their communities with a very close reach into their everyday lives. We educate, network, support, coach, and build lasting relationships with women and children in crisis

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