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Izzy was removed from her mother due to domestic violence a little over one year ago. In the midst of tragedy, there was still a glimmer of good that this could be, if hard choices and changes were made. At first, her mother fought every step of the way. Making excuses, shifting blame. Then, something changed. She began to realize there was something larger at stake here than her ego. It was her daughter.

One evening at Ema Group she asked, “How did I get here? And how do I never come back?” Her Ema Group and her mentor committed to helping her reunify with her daughter, and getting Izzy home. They rallied around and supported her through this difficult season.

The Department of Children and Families monitored every detail of her life because reunification would be considered. But, Izzy’s mom jumped through every hoop and more. In January, Izzy was back home. By the grace of God and her mom’s willingness to change – their lives were different from the inside out. Izzy’s mom rid herself of all unhealthy and unstable ways. Her Ema Group continue to support as they adjust to their new normal. Izzy and her mom are no longer surviving, but thriving.

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