The road to reunification.

Bianca and her two younger sisters experienced the sudden and traumatic loss of their mother when she was 16 years old. They moved in with their grandmother, whose boyfriend began sexually abusing all three girls. They were quickly removed and placed into the foster care system, where they eventually aged out. Bianca never found stability and searched for support in men, finding herself pregnant. Four children later, the cycle was continuing. Her children were placed in care. Without her children, Bianca spiraled down and two years later she was served with a motion to Terminate Parental Rights by the Court.

In Bianca’s mind, there was no hope. The four beautiful children that she brought into this world would never know her as “mom”. That night, Bianca was invited to Ēma and assigned her first Ēma Advocate. Her Advocate believed that with Bianca’s mind focused and heart activated, this motion for TPR could be overturned. In six months, Bianca was working in management, in a reliable housing program, and had grown exponentially in her parenting skills and coping mechanisms.

After months of advocacy, wrap-around services, and increased economic mobility, Bianca’s TPR was overturned and she was reunified with all four children. When asked, “What is one word you would use to describe Ēma?”, Bianca responded with tears streaming down her face, “Family. Ēma’s my family. The support I’ve needed for a long, long time. My kids are home with me because of Ēma.”

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