Ēma Advocacy Program

Providing individual advocacy for mother’s with open case plans through the Department of Children and Families. Ēma Advocates teach through a weekly evidence-based parenting and life coaching curriculum and accompany mothers at Court hearings, provide progress reports and Court documentation, and one-on-one reunification readiness support.

Case Management

Ēma’s Case Management Team is trained and equipped to develop Individualized Action Plans for mothers in crisis. Case Manager’s utilize the IAP’s to create tangible, action-oriented goals and outcomes. The CM works hand-in-hand with Ēma Advocates and is responsible for providing intentional and transformational support to every client as they work towards achieving their goals or case plans.

Social Support

Ēma operates with a wrap-around network of referral services in Broward County focusing on employment, housing and therapy assistance for moms in crisis. Our agency provides clothing, non-perishable food items, basic needs items, and benevolent financial resources as needed.

Education and Employment Assistance

Group and individual parenting, specialty workshops, life skills, financial coaching, and job readiness and placement programs designed to increase healthy parenting practices and family stability. These resources provide positive and practical support to mothers and increase their economic mobility.

Nurturing Parenting (Group and Individual)

NPP is an evidence-based, nationally recognized curriculum that focuses on family strengthening and prevention. The curriculum is family-centered and trauma informed designed to build nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to abuse and neglect. Ēma Groups meet weekly at the Ēma Center to facilitate the NPP curriculum – also offering childcare, transportation, and a meal at every meeting. Ēma also offers an incentive program offering mothers gift cards, child/baby items, clothes, household items, and hygienic items to shop through as they achieve their weekly and monthly goals.

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