“a path forward is found, not through providing resources to the poor, but by walking with them in humble relationships” – steve corbett.


Positive relationships lead to lasting change. The greatest way to embrace a person unlike us is to find common ground. That requires relationship and time. Our mentors are bridging the gap and cultivating change. They are the support she’s never had. 


Mentoring young, single moms is our privilege and strategy to restoring urban motherhood. We believe that the main way to foster change in our community is by building authentic relationships with the people we serve.

Time spent, hard questions asked, positive advice given, accountability offered, resources provided – mentors are on the front lines of our ministry. Without them, none of this is possible.

“My mentor became my family and because of her, my whole life has changed. My kids are getting a chance at a brighter future than mine.” – Crystal



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