Inner-City Focused

Living in the Inner-City

Our team lives and works in the same zip codes as the moms we serve.


Ema Groups are operated out residential homes approved for non-profit purposes. We turn the homes into an inviting meeting space for both moms and children. These Ema Ministry Homes reside in the same zip codes of the moms we work with. We shop at their local Walmart and take our kids to the same playground. We are not above the families we serve, we are right there with them. Our team’s commitment to their everyday lives are breaking barriers.

Because the Ema programs operate at a close proximity of the neighborhoods we serve, it allows the girls to be reached right where they are, by bringing our programs to them. It expands our reach into their lives as it gives us the opportunity to embrace all different backgrounds, race, and cultures.

We have a vision to open Ema Ministry Homes in every zip code in South Florida with the highest statistics of poverty, single parents, unemployment, and children removed into foster care. We believe with a physical presence in these neighborhoods, we are cultivating a community change.


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