We have a simple goal: to lower the number of children brought into foster care.

The number of children placed in foster care increases every year. A mother’s environment, support system, and culture play a significant role in how she raises her children. Oftentimes, moms who neglect their children simply lack the parental education. This unhealthy pattern influences a vicious cycle and we believe that cycle can be broken.

Ema’s is a certified organization to facilitate a trauma-informed, evidence-based curriculum, “Nurturing Parenting”. We are educating mothers in crisis through five constructs of healthy parenting practices that are proven to reduce the occurrence and re-occurrence of child abuse and neglect.

Through Ema’s programs including life coaching, career networking, and crisis resources, we are creating a space for the local church to make a dent in the number of children removed from their homes by reaching vulnerable moms, sooner. We envision families reunified, children protected, and abuse prevented.

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