Foster Care Prevention

Foster Care Prevention

We have a simple goal: to lower the number of children taken into foster care this year in Pompano Beach – 33060.


This year, Ema is devoting a program and service to hone in on foster care prevention. Within the same zip code of our current work, we will be focusing on young moms whose children are at risk for abuse and neglect or currently involved with DCF. The amount of removals increases every year. A mother’s environment, support system, and culture play a huge role in how she raises her children. Oftentimes, moms who neglect their children simply don’t know any better. This unhealthy pattern influences a vicious cycle. We believe that this cycle can be broken.This Fall, Ema will be facilitating a nationwide, evidence-based “Nurturing Parenting” curriculum designed by Dr. Stephen Bavoleck. We will educate young mothers through the 5 constructs of parenting that are proven to reduce the occurrence or re-occurrence of child abuse and neglect.

We believe that if Ema can create a space for the local church to make even a small dent in that number, we are not laboring in vain. We envision families reunified, children protected, and abuse prevented.

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