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Have a heart to reach young single moms and babies in your community?

Ēma Ministries wants to make that as easy as possible for you. Everything you need, we’ve developed. You won’t do this alone. The Ēma team is here to assist and will support you the entire way.

9N4A45141. TRAINING – We’ve developed all of the leadership and mentoring training packets for you. The Operation, Leader, and Mentor Manuals will provide your group with everything you need to know about starting and operating a Ēma group.

2. TEACHING – You’ll receive a full teaching curriculum with 64 lesson plans and activity ideas. The Ēma Ministries curriculum was written by several godly women with experience and a passion to reach young single moms.

3. MARKETING – Make your group known! You’ll have full access to different types of flyer templates, posters, Ēma logos, and t-shirts to promote your group in your community.

Sign up today to learn more, chat with us, or get started. If you want to get a jump start with your group, go ahead and download the application. Once you’re done, email us your completed application at [email protected]. We promise to be in touch with you shortly.

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For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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