Ema Groups


A mentoring program for young single moms and pregnant teens.

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Young single moms need support, education, and encouragement in order to break the cycle. Ema operates support groups out of inner-city Ema Homes that are easily accessible for young moms in crisis.

The Ema Groups are parenting classes taught from a wholistic approach including life skills, career development, and emotional health. We aim to see at-risk young mothers changed from the inside out.

Ema utilizes an evidence-based curriculum that is proven to reduce the occurrence or re-occurance of child abuse and neglect while empowering young moms to become the best version of themselves. Ema operates an incentive program as well, rewarding moms with various items as they achieve their monthly goals.

These groups provide a safe place of community to talk about relative issues these moms are facing. Every mom is matched with a mentor who focuses on supporting and fostering personal growth in her life.

Join us in this vision to restore urban motherhood. Start your own Ema Group, mentor a mom, or find a group today.

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